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Hi, we're Smarter Digital!

How we can help you in 30 seconds:

We provide exceptional online marketing solutions for small businesses and startups, for a manageable and predictable monthly fee.

We think agency rates are obscene. They force small businesses to either not have a web presence or use cheap web providers looking to make a quick buck, and don't have their client's best interests in mind.

We've trimmed the fat and run a lean operation, which affords us the ability to offer incredible value.

What's more, with businesses generally unhappy with the traditional approach of paying a hefty sum of money for a web site that might or might not 'work', we've taken the common sense approach to helping our clients succeed by working on an ongoing basis, that allows us to track results, optimise, and adapt your online presence as required.

For small business, by a small business

We can empathise with small business sensitivites, whether it’s budget, time or you’re running around like a headless chicken, we cater to help you in every way.

By aligning technology with key messages, the right coverage is achieved.

When it comes to digital marketing nothing is left to chance. We leave no stone unturned, and will work in partnership with you to ensure you get results.

Why Smarter Digital?

Read our vision statement

Partnering with Smarter Digital makes better use of your most valued asset: Time.

Every website and digital campaign is crafted with care and meticulous precision.

We go beyond simply creating you a pretty website and ensure we put you on the map.

With an all-in online marketing package you needn’t worry about hidden costs.

Online Marketing Managed Services

Beautifully simple. Enormously effective.

By partnering with Smarter, we take ownership of all online marketing efforts: social media, content marketing, SEO, pay per click advertising, web hosting, and of course design and development.

Working with you rather than for you means we have only your best interests in mind, and ensures a perfect synergy between all components of your online presence.

All for one manageable monthly fee.

With all this effort going into your website, you need to know what we are doing is working.

We integrate analytics on your site, analyse it for you, and give you the nitty gritty in an easy to comprehend report, that we of course talk you through.

Not only that, we can even add heatmap tracking to your site. As eerie as this seems at first, there's no better way to get in depth knowledge of how visitors interact with your site.

As part of our managed service, we take note of how your website is ranking in the search results (Bing as well!).

We match this data up with that of your competitors, and it all gets added to the mix of stats, facts and figures that we present you with.

By tracking carefully what competitors are up to, we can see what areas of your campaign we could improve, or even find untapped avenues, allowing you to get one step ahead of your rivals.

The boring stuff tends to get overlooked. It might be exciting to drive large numbers of visitors to your site, but...

... You must remain compliant. We've come across hundreds and hundreds of sites that don't, mainly because of changes in the law over time.

Scare tactics aren't necessary - we've partnered with some of the best lawyers who specialise in legal matters online, to offer you always up-to-date site policies as part of our managed services.

We take care of all aspects of your campaign. Email is no exception.

Email marketing can play a fundamental role to revenue and growth plans, and to ignore it is a big mistake.

Getting an email campaign set up is time-hungry, and as such often gets missed or attempted with little effort. As with your web copy, we can build bespoke campaigns to build solid relationships with your customers, and align emails with sitewide and social messaging.

Our client's both love and hate this aspect of our managed web services. We like to get involved, and perhaps play devil's advocate.

Of course, you might not want our advice. That's fine, we can zip it! But having worked in a number of different verticals, we have gained experience and insight to how others do business.

In fact for a while we often work with clients who don't even require out web services. It just comes with the territory, and if you want no nonsense truths about your business, we can do that too.

A lot of our websites are built on a CMS. With a lot of complex moving parts, security is a consideration.

For this reason, some people believe that using a CMS is dangerous. Not so if you stay up to date with patch levels.

We make sure that each update is tested thoroughly on a development version of your server before applying to the real thing. We can apply patches quarterly, monthly or even weekly depending on your platform!

The benefit of a managed service is that we take as much ownership of the online marketing element of your business as you need.

Some clients prefer to be hands on, and just call on us for advice and reporting; others prefer to get on with running their business and just want results from their online marketing campaigns.

Content updates, as frequently as you need, and even design updates can be included in our plans, leaving you to do what you please with your time.

Ok, we're not going to start snooping through other people's bins, but it's quite reasonable to keep an eye on your competition.

This can include monitoring their link profiles, social media platforms and even their product offerings - whatever it is that is of concern or interest.

Whether you're a startup looking to compete with established businesses, or have just found that your rivals seems to be moving ahead of you, we can take a look at what they are doing, and report back to you.

Are you making an impact online?

By partnering with Smarter, we take ownership of all online marketing efforts: social media, content marketing, SEO, pay per click advertising, web hosting, and of course design and development.

Working with you rather than for you means we have only your best interests in mind, and ensures a perfect synergy between all components of your online presence.

All for one manageable monthly fee.

Beautifully simple. Enormously effective.

Low up front capital expenditure

Manageable, predicatable monthly costs

Not only do we factor in design and development costs into a low monthly payment, but you also get all content updates, site maintenance, server management, social media and more.

It's been described as a 'no brainer' and we would be inclined to agree.

Results driven website design

We make your site work hard for you 24/7

Defining your online presence shouldn’t be about how visually captivating your website is, it’s about getting eyeballs on your content, and delivering an important marketing message to give them reason to do business with you.

We work hard to use every ounce of experience to help you convert visitors to leads, and then ultimately to customers.

Sustainable SEO and creative outreach

Longevity is priority

Search engines are changing the rules. SEO is no longer what it was even 2 years ago, yet people still believe the underhand techniques of yesteryear are still successful.

SEO requires know how, patience and extreme creativity. We build relationships with people that you need links from, and give them reason to link to you.

Managed social media and blog writing

Keeping the conversation flowing

While the reach and power of social media is undeniable, keeping abreast with the various networks (and keeping them updated) is a full time job in itself.

Smarter takes the responsibility to grow your social followings, ensures messages are on topic and makes sure that your business or brand is everywhere. We create a lot of noise.

Exceptional copywriting that delivers

Hard hitting, and action invoking

We’ve captured their attention. Now let’s deliver your message and encourage them to take action. By invoking emotion, and captivating your audience, you will already have the upper hand over your competitors.

By offering high quality copywriting as a service to our clients, we ensure that the boundaries between design and content are never blurred.

Supercharged, bulletproof web hosting

A key foundation to any business website

Why would we put in all of this hard work and effort to build you a captivating online presence and then host you on cheap, shared hosting?

We’ve partnered with one of the very best hosts in the industry. Every single site we host is sat on lightening fast SSD drives, oodles of RAM and is connected directly to the UK internet backbone.

Free digital strategy healthcheck

Whether you're a startup or an established business, we'd love to talk to you about your online marketing plans.

Run your ideas by us with a no obligation planning discussion!

Is your business "responsive"?

Mobile phones and tables have changed the way the world consumes information - and your website no longer belongs just on a desktop PC.

Are you being told you need to pay MORE for responsive design?

That boat's sailed ladies and gentlemen. Responsive design should be the norm, with mobile users set to surpass desktop users by 2014.

Sure, we could try and earn some extra money from you, but do car dealers charge extra for electric windows nowadays?

Our "mobile first" methodolody ensures your site is optimised and ready to avoid the hassles of 'pinch and zoom' (but more importantly, we help prevent visitors 'bouncing' off your site as quickly as they arrived!). This comes as standard with all of our web packages.

When I work with Smarter, I feel like I’ve got the weight of a truly experienced team behind me, who care fully about my business. They’ve given me great advice and confidence about my online strategy. Smarter has certainly given my company huge inspiration from their energy and incredibly dynamic and creative thinking. After working with them for over a year, the online segment of my business has been transformed.